Minister Lois L Richard Pastor Cross J. Richard, Sr

"Changing Lives by Teaching People to Fully Trust God Through His Word"


New Creation media ministry is dedicated to providing access to all those who are seeking change in their lives by absorbing the Anointed Word of God being taught by the messengers of this flock.


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Special Packages CD or DVD
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5 part messages = $15.00

Messages in 2012 - 2013

Tithes & Stewardship - 2 Part Message (Parts 2 & 3)
Tithes & Stewardship (pt2)
Tithes & Stewardship (pt3)
Don't be Distracted (Min. Lois)
A year of Change & Growth 9/22/12
Don't be Distracted (Min. Lois)( pt2)

It's Too Late
Live by your Conviction Pt.2
I hear Voices 2
Stand or Fall

Naked & Not Ashamed (Min. Lois)
No Turning Back Pt. 2
Seeking the Favor of God
God is Faithful (Min. Lois)

Kept for the Journey
Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Keys to the Kingdom
Shunning the King
If a Man dies (Min. Lois)
Vision as a Hindrance
All Creation is Tested
Love & Serving
The Cross, God's Power Revealed (Min. Lois)

Premature Benediction
When your Faith is Challenged Min Lois

Hell is Running after You - 2 Part Message (Parts 1 & 2)
Hell is Running after You 
Hell is Running after You Pt. 2
If My People
God's Mercy & compassion (Min. Lois)

Positioning Yourself - 2 Part Message (Parts 1 & 2)
Positioning Yourself
Positioning Yourself Pt. 2

Wait on the Lord

Blessed to be a Blessing - 2 Part Message (Parts 1 & 2)
Blessed to be a Blessing Pt. 1 
Blessed to be a Blessing Pt. 2 

A Walk of Faith - 3 Part Messages (Parts 1-3)
A Walk of Faith 
A Walk of Faith Pt. 2
A Walk of Faith  Pt. 3
To Know God (Evg. Regina)
Life Through God's Eyes
Jesus, Son of God, Son of Man
What are you Carrying?
God put those things in you for a reason
Time's Up!
Qualified - But Not Receiving
God has not Forgotten
Show & Tell

Deliverance - 3 Part Message (Parts 1-3)
Deliverance Pt. 1
Deliverance Pt. 2
Deliverance Pt. 3

God & Family Series - 5 Part Message (Parts 1-5)
God & Family Series 1
God & Family Series 2
God & Family Series 3
God & Family Series 4
God & Family Series 5

Shallow Living - 3 Part Message (Parts 1-3)
Shallow Living
Shallow Living 2
Shallow Living 3

God's Abundant Life & Provisions for His Schildren - 2 Part Message (Parts 1 & 2)
God's Abundant Life & Provisions for His Children
God's Abundant Life & Provisions for His Children Pt. 2
The need for Consecration
Hearing the Voice of God
Prayer, Faith & Forgiveness